Hey everyone its new trend today I am going to do an updated video on what my everyday values and what’s kind of like what’s in my bag video and my current bag is the YSL medium collage bag in black with gunmetal Hardware and I first bag back in March or April and when I purchased it.

I believe I only had about three color options so the first color option was there was a black with black hardware there was this one with this the black with the gunmetal Hardware and a grey with fun metal hardware and of course I’m just a faith girl so I went with this most basic color and I don’t regret it at all um it’s just goes with everything and I can carry it every day and I feel like I’m here really good choice with it so when I was purchasing the bag I know that there was also a large size one but with the large size one at the time.

I don’t know if it’s different now I’ve seen different reviews on it but with this one I purchased it mainly because of the versatility of the bag and with the larger size you weren’t able to carry it crossbody but with the medium-sized ones you are and it can be worn hot body it can be worn as a shoulder bag and it could be worn just you know in the note that your arms as a top handle or you can even carry about a top handle and that’s another reason why I purchased it because it was so versatile to give you a brief description of the bag it is made of a soft almost lambskin like leather it’s kind of shiny but in a minute way it is it like your other wire salt bags the other YSL bags, they are more structured you’re able to see the pebbles on that more um and they I don’t know if there must be worn every day but they just look more structured a little bit more fancy.

if you were to step it you could see a scuff marks but on this bag you know I can press it with my nail and you won’t see anything wrong with it and that another reason why I like it because it’s durable and I’ve worn it every day since I purchased it it’s gone with me too I don’t know how many states yes but at least four countries like four different separate countries if it was me to Asia it’s been with me through the whole to you if this meet with me to Mexico it’s been with me to Panama I need it’s going everywhere with me and it’s still holding up very well so it’s a good travel bag and I’m going to go ahead and kind of give you a tour of a guess and what it looks like on the inside so like like I said it comes with the chain um gunmetal chain light and there is a leather shop for your shoulder so it doesn’t really hurt your shoulders there is the st. Marat sign I believe insistence on the inside I don’t know if you can see that and this chain is removable so you can take it out love it love how versatile this bag is can take it out and doom it’s almost like you have another bag right and it you can you can just hold onto it like this I mean you can wear this out to a date night or even to a ball or a gala and it will so happy the guys see as you look.

you can wear it on the crook of your arm it fit and that’s another reason why like any I have my special occasion guys but you know sometimes you just don’t want to have to take everything out of your bag and put it to another bag so what you can do with this bag is just take away the chain length and Tim we had here a little girly girl bag okay so it has the classic lyocell emblem here it’s a button magnetic closure like so so there’s a button closure here and I there’s the Saint Laurent sign and it comes with two pockets one larger one in five a smaller one in the back and it’s separated by a zipper and let me see if I can give you a better look inside sorry this low battery has worn it a lot and I thought I would use these upper compartment more than I would but I guess I mean since I have my wallet.

Saint Laurent Medium College Bag

I don’t and also there is a credit card slot I don’t know you can see it but there’s a credit card slot in there where you can stick your credit cards but I don’t use that either um and there there is a Saint Laurent flying right where this it is and another one where is the credit card folder so and if you didn’t notice it’s a chevron print and they’re kind of like a stripe that goes down it which I think gives it a kind of cool bite in the back there’s also another compartment I usually keep my cell phone in here just for easy access and for a small bag like this it holds quite a lot um it seems kind of you know miniature or smaller especially compared to its large counterpart but I feel like it’s just everything that I need to go into it um so just to give you an example I’m just going to get started on what can go inside of it or what I usually put inside the bag so the first thing that’s going to go into the bag is my wallet is just through our average chanel Bostick wallet I think it’s a medium-sized if you want more information on it let me know and that’s just going to go right in the front as usual and usually um right next to the wallet just so you can kind of gauge the set of the front pocket um I have a TLS lip balm here um and it just it just pops right in the corner so it’s about that big in the side it just fits very well in the corner and I usually have my piece I don’t have my shoes here but I usually put my keys in here have some niche piece a box in it um and another chopstick you can never have too much chapstick right I have a tampon for lady Lysa that’s going to go in the back of course let’s see what else have you Lippe on they’re both color pop I believe what is in Lumiere and the other one is oh snap so a new and a color just in case my mascara and I think I just picked this up just so you know how much stuff I can throw in there and so just gigantic mess here I can put it in here as well um I have a pen I’m going to put this in the outside um for easy access when I need it and then there’s also my own so my phone will go in it as well I usually put my phone in with that also for easy access and just because I wanted to see I just I did a video before and I grew up asked me if it held a particular item.

I wasn’t sure what it was I wasn’t sure if it was a laptop or was it you know a mobile device or whatnot so um I knew it it’s not it can’t fit a laptop in there I have my laptop here and it’s not even close I don’t want to take the large ones would you want to fill not pop it in but I do have an iPad Mini and I just fine stick it in there just to see what if it will hold and it’s it up my mini my iPad Mini in there and it it will even close up with I never thought I would and I think it’s very cool that it is it just it all have – air and with the iPad Mini it makes it kind of heavy but other than that yeah this is what the that looks like like completely cool it looks kind of chunky but it’s just meant to be thrown around it’s meant to have stuff in it and you know even without the iPad like if I were to say five about you know it will so have that kind of like slim feet kind of flimsy feeling structure and I think it’s really nice um yeah so basically this is my review of the guy I love it I would repurchase it again I mean it’s probably one of my favorite everyday buys like I stick on the market to look for another one in we’re going to Paris in about two weeks and I’m definitely going to buy a couple more but as long as people think bags but this one is going to be hard to beat um yeah I kind of gotten attached to it but if you have any questions please let me know and I will be happy to answer it and I hope you guys have a good day and I will talk to you soon okay bye.

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