hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today’s video is a work bag comparison video,  this is one or two videos I’m going to be doing on this topic.

so I’m also going to be doing a work tote comparison video but I know that as much as I love tote bags not everyone does so I also wanted to do one featuring bags which are still work appropriate but aren’t necessarily that tote bag style so I have a four different bags here that I’m going to be comparing the first one is the San Rev MIDI maestro bag I’m then going to be comparing the product double bag the bays water is it tote and then also the chiffon Chi and gonna as well so four different styles and I’m going to be comparing them against each other talking about functionality versatility weight what can fit inside mod shop basically everything I think of so if you’re after a and your work bag and you aren’t into totes then hopefully you’ll find this useful and let’s get started so starting off for the Prada double bag first and this is the most expensive bag.

work bag review

I have here today it’s priced around about the 2,000 pound mark I believe I think it’s just over that I will put the exact prices in US Dollars and GBP on the screen so you can see this is definitely one of the more pricey ones it is a fairly classic style I think you know it’s been around for a very long time and Prada continued to produce it because it is so popular I would say I do really think this is kind of the quintessential work bag it’s very very fit for purpose it’s a good size as well so it can fit a decent amount the straps are very very comfortable which I love and you do also have the shoulder strap option also funnily enough I tend not to use the V shoulder strap option a lot which is unusual for me because usually I am very reliant on the shoulder straps but I don’t really feel the need with the Prada double bag and then on the inside you just have a very simple layout basically just spit into two compartments as you can see it’s very very roomy indeed you do have a little compartment in the middle which it’s not the most secure closure.

it’s just a little magnet but it’s okay and then you fit in whatever you need to you know your phone money whatever it is so in terms of layout I do think it is kind of laid out quite nicely you do have plenty of room at the same time it’s not like a tote bag where it’s just going to be a bottomless pit and you’re not gonna be able to find anything I do think maybe it could do with a few more pockets and that they have kept it very simple it is very nice quality leather so on the inside it’s actually very soft which it gives a bit more unusual products because I think they’re more known for their Saffiano leather which is very hard-wearing and that is one really good thing about Prada sakyo in general not always I have had some bad experiences with Saffiano as well but certainly with this bag I have found it to be very Hardy and durable and anytime I have any stains or anything I just wipe them clean so no issues with the leather on this one.

it’s actually done really well in terms of the shape. I’m not really seeing any Prada dog bags which do look really bad I think sometimes you’ll see some bags which is very well-loved in use and they just won’t look that great anymore but I haven’t really seen any really bad versions of this bag I think that’s probably a testament to its structure and just how well it wears over time it is obviously a very class six shape as well you know it goes with pretty much everything and I like this both kind of dress down with jeans as I do you’re fully dressed up with a skirt dress anything like that so it’s a very best top I’ve in terms of how it looks comes in pretty neutral color ways as well as well as bold pops of color if you wanted to do that I do like the fact that you can get contrasting lining which i think is always a very nice touch, so I do really like this bag it’s fairly light it’s not too heavy and I will be going over all the weights right at the end of the section, but the weight isn’t too bad at all and generally speaking I do just find this to be a very very functional and fit the purpose bag next up is the center of midi moisture bag and this is actually the newest one in this kind of little collection of bags.

I’m talking about here today this is the MIDI size which is the medium so you can also get a size up from this and you can get a size below it as well which is the mini I really like the MIDI I think it’s a great work size but I will say that you can’t fit a laptop inside so if you need to carry a laptop with you then you will have to size up I tried with my 13 inch MacBook and it was just a tiny bit small but I do love the proportions of this and I just like the way it looks on my frame I got this in these smooth leather you can also get it in the Grange leather as well if you want something very durable and hard-wearing I would say to probably go for the Grange leather I do think that for me the payoff is worth it the smooth leather is definitely a little bit more delicate I just love the way it looks so much especially in this color so for me it is worth it and I think you just have to consider how hard you are on your bags the grain leather is fantastic for wear and tear it is incredibly incredibly durable so if you did want something taupey and stretch boards and that is a great leather to go for but as I mentioned I’m a huge fan of these smooth leather and it just opens up with eight buckle and then you also have a zip as well and then on the inside you have this beautiful blue suede lining with a ton of compartments and the compartments and the layer on the inside is absolutely my favorite thing about this bag it is so functional so you do have a larger pocket here but you can put an iPad or whatever you wanted to you have more parts that I have some money in from the other day and so you do have more pockets here and then you also had at more pockets on this side as well as zipped compartment as well and then if I just flip it around you also have a little keychain as well.

if you wanted to attach a pouch or anything like that so super super functional I love the fact these bags are really designed with working women in mind you know you do have the compartments for everything that you’ll need there very roomy as well very comfortable to wear you have a little pocket on the back for your trouble card if you do commute in the city and I just think they’re fantastic so functional it’s so useful to where you can carry these three different ways you can carry it just with the top handle the longer strap as well and you can also convert it into a backpack if you want I tend not to wear as a backpack just because I’m not really much of a backpack girl so I really tend to only carry it just with the longer strap or with the top handle but yeah I absolutely love this bag then the other quality is beautiful as well you can tell it’s a really well-made bag very functional I love the color options and I do think this is a really really great choice next up is my mulberry it zips Bayswater this one does come up with the shoulder strap as well which you can attach if you don’t want to wear it like that I do tend to use the shoulder strap quite a bit I’ve got to say and it just zips closed as well which is really nice if you were worried about security and then on the inside it’s just a big old wide-open space and so you do have one pocket right there and but that’s pretty much it in terms of compartments again.

I feel like they could have done with a few more and but I guess you do have a lot of space kind of right in the middle for whatever you’d want to put inside you can’t fit a laptop inside this one either unfortunately you can technically fit in and but it does just kind of peek out and you wouldn’t be able to close it so it’s not a very comfortable fit but it is still a very roomy bag you can fit a decent amount inside I do think it is a beautiful choice I would say that the leather is a very particular look so you have to know whether you like this color look it’s very grained indeed much more pronounced than other grained leathers as well so if you like that brand look then it’s great but if you don’t then you probably won’t like this bag and the style I do think is beautiful though I really like the updated design I did previously own the classic mulberry Bayswater which I just didn’t get along with it was far too heavy thankfully this one it is a lot lighter and the fat you do have a shoulder strap makes it a lot more functional so if I do ever find it to be too heavy and I do have that option and I do rely on the shoulder strap a lot so I really like it that I will say I don’t feel like the handles are quite as comfortable as the upon a double bag.

I don’t know why but the handles on the Prada double are just very very comfortable to wear so this isn’t quite as comfy and but that’s pretty much the only negative I can say about it it is a really lovely bag it’s held it’s structured very well again I haven’t had this for years but so far I’ve had nothing to cause me any concern I really like the style and I think ish of a very elegant choice in general and finally i have my shivaji Antigona which is obviously a very well known style and i do feel like this is kind of a love it or hate it back you know it has been enduring a popular and I can see why because I do think it’s a very classic shape and style but I can also absolutely see why some people or really dislike it and other people will love it you do have it the longer strap that as far as long straps go it’s quite a short one so it does sit quite high apart from that I just carry it with the top handles and then on the inside it just is a very large kamyp open space you have a zip pocket on one side which is actually very deep and then you also have a two pockets on the other side one thing to keep in mind with this bag especially in the larger size make is very tall and it’s also very deep and because of that it is a little bit of a bottomless hole especially, if you get it in a darker color like I have it can take a little while to find your belongings unless you’re very very disciplined about putting things into pockets and pouches and things like that I will often find I lose things inside and you can feel a little bit like Mary Poppins trying to fish things out so definitely something to consider and that is a purely down to kind of the size and the shape I think and but yeah I do lose a lot of things inside this bag, you do have a kind of secure opening with a zip but it doesn’t actually open that wide you can fit in a laptop which is great but yeah I feel like you’d either really like them out of this bag or really dislike it I’m kind of 5050 I like it mostly because I it’s a very chic back you know I do think it’s one of those bags which elevates an outfit rather than just compliments it, so I love the way it looks but yeah it is a little bit of a bottomless hole.

I did want to go over weights now and I’m going to go in order heaviest to lightest so the heaviest is the you should wash your hands gonna I did weigh them all and this is definitely the heaviest I knew that already it isn’t a light bag and that’s another thing which I frequently hear people complain about it’s definitely not like and despite the fact that it can fit a laptop I don’t really ever use it to carry a laptop because it can get so heavy and for me is just not worth it so if I’m carrying a laptop I will usually just use a tote bag and that’s pretty much true of all top handles I don’t generally like top handles that can carry laptops and use them before that function because I always find them to be too heavy and I think they’ll be true no matter what the bag if it’s leather because obviously leather does weigh something and then with a laptop and if you carry anything else from a wallet to a bottle of water it just gets overwhelming and heavy so I tend not to use this to carry laptops around it’s just too much for me personally but even so even without anything aside this one is the heaviest next up is the Prada double bag and this doesn’t actually feel very heavy to me and I think that’s in large part to you to the comfort the handles which actually do you make a really big difference in my experience and this is definitely lighter than the chiffon sheehan tikona though I will put the exact weights up on screen but I measured them all before this video and this does come in at number three and coming in at number two is the Seine River MIDI maestra and that was closely followed by the more recent phase water which was just a tiny bit lighter I don’t think there was too much in it and this was just a smidge lighter but it was considerably lighter than the Ishibashi Antigona okay so on TV what fits inside portion of the video now and I was debating how to do this I usually lay all the bags out on a desk and do it like that but obviously these bags are quite a bit bigger and I didn’t think they’d fit so instead I’m laying them out on the bed I’ve got them from largest what I think is the smallest I’m going to be showing you what can fit inside.

I’m not aiming to fill the bags full this time it just because I think we’ll be here forever and I also don’t think about any ones in any doubt as to whether these bags can fit a wallet for example you know they can quite obviously fit in the small items that you might want to carry with you so I’m really focusing in on the larger items like a laptop I also have here some pieces of a4 paper I have my notebook which is quite large I have a pouch and I also have my phone as well so this is what I’m going to be testing out it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to fit in you know a bit of makeup your key holder if you have one card holder wallet that sort of thing in all of these bags so first up is the issue of 1c Antigona and I realized in the main portion of video I didn’t actually speak about durability on this one and it’s a very durable bag.

I don’t have the shiny leather that I have at the matte leather but it’s done really well in terms of wear and tear it does have a tendency to gather little marks but if you take the time to put a bit of conditioner on then it’s absolutely fine and kind of revert back to normal so it does pick up a few marks here and there but generally speaking it does pretty well I have seen the structure fold in a little bit over time on other bags and also my previous ones so that’s something to keep in mind and that if you don’t over pack the bag then you should be absolutely fine and in terms of capacity so a laptop which is a 13-inch laptop it fits in absolutely fine as you can see as there’s pretty much everything else I’d want to put in so a four piece of paper also fine large notebook also fine pouch also fine phone also fine and there is still absolutely buckets of room so make no mistake this is a huge huge bag but it can get very heavy so I personally would never carry a laptop in here I’ve done it before I won’t do it again because that’s oh my goodness it’s ridiculously heavy so it’s a heavy bag I wouldn’t use it for a laptop and that if you wanted to you could fit a laptop as well as many other things inside onto the product double back now and I’m just going to remove the strap and pop in the laptop this is a little bit snug but you can fit it in definitely there is room and I actually even much prefer the layout of this just because you do have the compartments so it’s not kind of all quite sassy and my notebook house you have choice of areas because it’s blue large and obviously phone is no problem at all so just like the usual she had to go and it this does feel lighter but it’s so obviously quite a lot of stuff inside and that you have plenty of room so you know if you wanted to move everything over to one side you could do and kind of separate it out like that and still have room for a water bottle and umbrella and anything else that you’d want that yeah heavy bags well not quite as heavy as the Jabari and gonna and that plenty of room for everything that you could possibly want next up is my mulberry zipped Bayswater and this one I know can’t really fit a laptop inside you can technically squeeze in but as you can see it kind of pops up like so and you wouldn’t be a border to close that or zipper up so you may be happy to carry like that I personally wouldn’t so for me that’s a no same as the a4 piece of paper luckily you can but again it pops out from the top so I wouldn’t choose to carry a four piece of paper in this bag notebook same as well albeit you can if you wanted to kind of put it at an angle and that does fit so if you wanted to pack it full and kind of have this upright you wouldn’t but if you’re happy to kind of angle it you absolutely could do that pouch is totally fine as is obviously phone as well and you do still have a lot of room for other items such as water bottle umbrella makeup bag anything like that that you’d want and then finally I have mice in Revit MIDI maestro bag this fits very from them out to the mulberry at Bayswater this one actually has a slightly better fit for the notebook just because it is that little bit taller pouch is no problem at all as is a phone but it is a tiny bit too small for a full piece of paper like you could if you wanted to crease them but I don’t think many people would want to do that and same with a laptop it almost fits but not quite you’d obviously be fine with an iPad or anything like that for both of these and this one does actually on surface of it look a tiny bit smaller than at the Marbury is it Bayswater but it is actually the capacity can fit a little bit more just because of the height of it so can fit plenty in there I haven’t utilized any of the pockets or anything like that and obviously you can fit in whatever you need to in those spaces so first up is my Prada double bag this is what it just looks like in the crook of my arm it is definitely a large bag but I pass you don’t feel like it’s too big on my frame I really like it it just fits a ton and I think it looks just as good kind of with jeans and blazer as it does with a dress or a skirt the only thing I’d say about this one is I do think it looks a little bit funny when you use the longer shoulder strap which is perhaps why I don’t do it very often and this is adjustable so you can adjust it if you want but for me it just looks I don’t know a little bit odd and a little bit oversized to be wearing as a kind of longer shoulder bag so not 100% sure about wearing it like that but I do like to wear it just using the top handles now for the zipped mulberry Bayswater and I actually feel like this looks good both ways you know you can wear it in the crook of your arm or just handheld I also think it looks really nice on the shoulder as well just a very very nice size and is also not so big or kind of not so work like that you can’t wear it casually either it’s just a really nice size option I thought this size would also look good on a variety of heights as well and so you know if you were bit taller I think you still pull it off but if you were on the petite side you could definitely pull off as well I think and this is what it looks like on the shoulder and obviously it’s a larger bag but I don’t feel like it looks so overwhelming I feel like the part of double can look a little bit too big when wearing it with a longer strap that I don’t think that’s the case here I think it works just fine next up is the San Revit MIDI maestra and this one is only small slide especially when you compare it to the chiffon she and tikona but it actually fits just as much if not a little bit more than the mall breeze at today’s water so I like the fact that looks a little bit more compact but at the same time still big enough to be a functioning work bag and you obviously just wear it kind of in the crook of your arm you can wear it obviously just in the hand and the way I mostly wear it is just on the shoulder it fits really nicely it’s very very comfortable because you do have the large a bit of leather right here and I think it just works and finally with my shovel she ain’t gonna as you can see this bag is a little bit bigger than the others I think it just takes up more real estate and it just looks like a large bag which is what it is it is a very very large bag and I do love the way it looks so I think it’s very chic and just I like how streamlined it is I think it’s just very chic and pull together and as you can see if you did want to wear it on the shoulder it does sit very high indeed I think that was the right decision because I think any lower and it will just look a bit funny you know this bag is too big to be wearing low down and but I do feel like the shoulder strap might be a love it or hate it thing as my general conclusions now and I don’t have a firm order but I do have kind of idea of what I think is the best value I’m most functional and also what I think most people would prefer so coming and last it is the schwa she under gonna and I would say that again this is still keeping in mind that I do still ready like this bag I like all four as I mentioned but this one falls down a little bit it is kind of mid price range so this is about 1600 in the UK but you can often find these on sale especially around Black Friday so you can definitely get this one a foot a little bit cheaper but it comes in at number four just because it is the heaviest which does make a difference I think and also just the fact that it is quite a large bag yes it’s great that you can fit a lot of items inside but it is a bottomless hole you know it’s quite difficult to find things especially in the darker color too heavy to really put anything maximum bulky like a laptop and it’s just that kind of weird in-between so it does get a lot of points for the look and just how chic I think it looks I get a lot of compliments on this bag actually whenever I go out it’s probably one of my most complimented bags which is always kind of surprising to me but people seem to love this one but in terms of functionality and value as well I would probably place it last and then coming in at number three is my Prada double and the only reason why this isn’t higher is because of the price it is the most expensive of all the bags I’m featuring here today and if it was priced the same as the mulberry Bayswater I think I’d probably swap them around but because this is double the price of the mulberry Bayswater I just don’t think it’s necessarily worth a hundred percent more you know it’s a great bag I think it’s very very comfortable very hard-wearing I think it’s right she can kind of iconic and what it is it is a great work bag no doubt about it and if you do need to put a laptop in and you’ll find the top handles then definitely I say this is a wonderful choice but I just don’t think it’s that much better than the mulberry set Bayswater and it is a lot more expensive so it just depends on how much you like the protostar and I would add you say it’s still a great bag and I really enjoy mine especially just for the style of the functionality you know there’s nowhere that it particularly falls down.

I think it’s great in pretty much every way the only thing is I do think it’s priced to you highly so if price is no object that I would say it’s lovely choice definitely you know negatives there but yeah in terms of value I do think there are better options which leads me to my two favorite bag picks which are the MIDI maestra and then the mulberry is it Bayswater these are both really good choices I think for work bags the others are too but I think in terms of value these two just edit the MIDI maestra is priced at just under 700 pounds I think and that you can often get duty-free codes as well so if you ship it to the UK then you have to pay anything extra and obviously in the u.s. you I have to do anyway I will put the u.s. price on screen and that in terms of value I think you’re getting a lot of a bag for your buck it’s a beautiful leather and I think as soon as you kind of see the leather and the bag you can really tell the quality the hardware is beautiful I do love this combination and it’s just very functional you know with all the compartments and the different ways to wear it in terms of a work bag you just have everything that you want and it is very kind of sleek and streamlined as well so I think this is a great option which is really well priced if you did want to spend a little bit more I do think that the mob research Bayswater is really lovely as well and as I mentioned I do really like my product double bag but I don’t know if it’s worth spending double the price you know this is priced at 995 which is amazing value for what it is obviously it’s a lot of money but you know you’re getting a very very luxurious bag from a very iconic brand I’m not 100% sure about the Marberry brand and it is growing on me a little bit I do prefer the old logo I do think they’ve done a fantastic job of reimagining this style I do think it is an improvement on the original Bayswater I find it to be very functional very comfortable to wear and everything from you know the lining to the hardware it’s just a beautiful bag so I think it’s very good value for money if you like this kind of leather and I do want to emphasize that I don’t think it will be for everyone but if you do like this kind of leather and you like the way it looks then it is definitely a really nice choice which I think is very very good value so that is it for this video guys I hope you enjoyed it I will leave links to all these bags in the description section below but if you do have any other questions for me then let me know in the comment section if you enjoyed the video please do give it a thumbs up and as always thank you so much for watching.

I will see you my next one bye guys.