For years, the popular Goyard Saint Louis Tote has come in just two sizes: PM and GM, which are small and large, in handbag size terms, if you’re just learning the ropes. The PM is 11 inches wide across the bottom, while the GM is 13 inches wide, which makes them popular choices for day bags or carry-ons, respectively. What you might not know, though, is that the Saint Louis is intended to be a beach bag, and now the brand has released a size for people who need to carry a lot of towels down to the sand: the Goyard Saint Louis XXL Tote.

At a decidedly oversized 24 inches wide, the Saint Louis XXL nearly doubles the size of the design’s previous largest option. With a height of 16.5 inches, the total interior capacity is enormous—so much so that Goyard thickened and lengthened the handles and added extra hand stitches to the chapes, for improved support and resistance. The XXL also comes with a larger pouch than the PM and GM models.


It can be hard to imagine what a 24-inch-wide bag would look like in practical terms because almost all handbags are far smaller than that, but suffice it to say: Goyard didn’t jump, name-wise, directly from GM to XXL for no reason. The bag is decidedly intended to serve the Saint Louis’s original purpose, which is to carry a load of otherwise unwieldy outdoor necessities for a day at the beach. Although the bag is reinforced in the handles, it’s still very lightweight and unstructured, so I’d use caution in overfilling the XXL with heavy items. It seems best used as intended.

The Saint Louis XXL is currently available in four colors of Goyardine canvas: black with black trim and black with tan trim, both of which are priced at $1,780 in the US, as well as navy and grey, which are priced at $2,310. The bag is brand new and available for purchase at Goyard boutiques.