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Functional Bags to buy for men in 2019


People need a different type of bags depending on where they are going. Whether you are travelling, going to the gym or office every type of bag has got its own importance.

Here we will look at the type of bags which are suitable for men to carry to the respective place where they are going.

  1. Backpack:Like sneakers and baseball caps, the backpack is one of those once-sloppy afterthoughts that have become considered, coveted purchases in the last decade. It’s the most versatile design on this list, but also the only one where you can conceivably buy three and get used from them all. It could be a stylish bag for the trade straphanger, a sturdy guide for weekend races or a training partner for your gym. Adopted by virtually every style tribe on the planet, your old school bag is officially all grown up: a genuine menswear classic.
  2. Tote Bag:Sitting at the mid-point between a briefcase and a backpack on the sliding scale of formality, the tote bag is roomy enough to stow your smelly gym gear / stolen hard drive but sleek enough that you might still, get papped by a roving street style photographer.

A clever, easy designed, this can be your shopping bag, work bag and shore bag all in one. Sadly, it’s also the only style on this list vulnerable to a “nice handbag, mate” from at least one of your friends.

  1. Weekend Bag:You can’t roll up to your rented chateau without an obscenely good weekender stowed in the limited boot space of your Jaguar F-Type. Of course, they also work on train journeys to see mum and dad. A weekend bag implies a man of refinement and freedom, not to consider practicality while it proceeds to pack underwear.

Perfect for stowing a neat capsule wardrobe and travel essentials, it doesn’t have to live under the bed between trips. At the shorter edge of the measure, a holdall can be practised every day as a composite product and gym bag. You can buy Replica Celine Bags to enhance your wardrobe.

  1. Briefcase:There’s a stereotypical image of a bowler-hat-wearing British gentleman somehow carrying an umbrella, a briefcase, a newspaper and a smoking pipe all at the same time. Admittedly, it’s a bit of an outdated concept. However, the leathery receptacle is still as relevant as ever. A trusty briefcase is the city worker’s best friend. It’s smart, it’s practical, and if you buy a good one, there’s no reason it can’t last you a lifetime. Additionally, nothing breaks that Bond-like aura actually likes a heavy bag hung over the arms of your costume jacket, presenting this smooth choice the perfect complement to tailoring. Fake Celine Handbags are available in various online stores and resembles closely to real ones.
  2. Gym Bag:Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a spin-class first timer, it can be all too easy to dream up reasons not to go for a workout. Things as trivial as being unable to find matching socks, or not having sufficient battery on your phone can feel like a cue to quit. A sturdy bag is required for making your sheet, managers and proteid from workspace to save measurements in one piece. Another key tool in your fight to free the rippling abs and walnut-crushing glutes that you just know is lurking under there somewhere.
  3. Cross-body Bag:Here’s an inconvenient truth for anyone who thinks streetwear is just pretentious hype and/or overpriced irony: the cross-body bag is probably the most practical everyday bag on this list. Unless you carry laptop or gym equipment with you, the accessory is formerly known as a bumbag is perfect for what most of us actually carry around these days: phone, keys, and wallet. It’s true that, at least while they’re still fresh, the cross-body bag adds a flash of unexpectedness to an outfit. But now that designers like Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton is finding ways to pair them with everything from tracksuits to tailoring, the smart money is on this type of case soon experiencing something alike to the bag’s pervasion.

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  1. Messenger Bag:Until recently, the messenger bag was still synonymous with paperboys and sloppy, middle-aged commuters.