Some shoes sell while others remain for sometime in consumer minds and disappear the next season. Why do shoes remain strong within the minds of the public? It is mostly attributed to the fact that people love shoes because of the value that it gives them, the level of comfort and the affordability. Nike has done some great innovation while making shoes and this is found in almost any brands of theirs. However, some specific shoes of Nike are well worn by consumers and they are always liked despite the market being flooded by Nike’s own brand or that of others. These shoes are really the ones that you look out for as my friend and club member Dylan suggested.

nike air force 1 low drop type artfire
nike air force 1 low drop type artfire

Dylan knew about shoes better than anyone else I have known for he had worked in Nike showrooms and has his own distributorship of a few reputed brands too. Dylan says that a shoe is good if it has great quality material embedded into it in all possible details and that it must be affordable. It is due to his advice that I too went ahead and purchased a pair of nike air force 1 low drop type artfire brand new sneaker.

Best Selling Shoes of All Time

Surprising facts reveal a story by itself as is the case with Nike Air Force 1sneakers. They are top selling and as per estimates from authentic sources they have sold over 12 million pairs worldwide within two decades of its launch. It not only gave extra comforts to people wearing them, but also the white-on white was at once appealing to most enthusiasts. This was all conveyed to me by Dylan and got the feeling that I should give a look at the site Adidas before placing my order.

These shoes are not gaudy and full white ones are the real attractions and compromising on comfort level was never in the line of Nike. Naturally there are other extended colors as well and they all remained true to Nike’s reputation. There are also rumors that the Air Force 1 was done with low marketing finance. It truly became a hot profit making business for Nike.

If you too are as enthusiastic about Nike ranges, as I do, then you may look into nike basketball shoes 2020 stockx for easy appraisal.

Selling Despite New Entrants in Market

Nike Air Force 1 has been selling despite new entrants both from Nike as well as other brands. This gives these shoes the classic look as Dylan told me much to my surprise. He says if you can tick and still be around in sticky times then you are born to be great. And so is the case with this shoe. However, close to heel to the Air Force 1 was the 2018 launch by Nike of its famous nike kyrie 5 Irving sneakernews that is as tempting as the Air Force 1. Undoubtedly the Nike Kyrie is pretty good and is not simplistic in design yet has all the great qualities that are embedded into a good Nike shoe. You can easily find the images of this shoe great and has all the marking of a professional sneaker.

Despite this the Air Force 1 is here to stay and remain as the general public’s best choice. I found out from Dylan that this is the shoe for all occasions and so is the price. In the case with Nike Kyrie 5 there are several different styles of it for consumers to select from. The most noticeable design feature is the flytrap like system on the portion where the laces are positioned.

nike kyrie 5 Irving sneakernews
nike kyrie 5 Irving sneakernews

For outdoors the Nike Kyrie 5 is a good shoe if you restrict it to little jogging, walking or as casual wear. It is indoors that this shoe is really good although it may not be that lasting as the Air Force 1. There is mesh and looks pretty good. The bounce is good although it may be relatively low and may not act spring like. Overall the shoe is good yet still I say that it may not be able to beat the sturdiness of Air Force 1. What it may lack is that extra cushion feelings when you wear it.

I had already been advised about both the above shoes by Dylan and therefore thought of purchasing Air Force 1.