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About Basketball shoes & what to consider when buying one

Klay Thompson Shoes
Klay Thompson Shoes

There are many young people who are engaged in various types of physical activities and sports. One such sport that is loved and played by millions across the globe is basketball. But playing this highly vigorous game requires the player to move around, jump, run, shoot, block and make side to side movements. He also needs to have proper attire to match the game’s specific requirements, so as to optimize his game. The most impact is upon the shoes that are worn by the player throughout the game. The shoes do experience plenty of wear & tear. To reduce it, the basketball players, both professionals and casual players alike need to wear specially designed & developed basketball shoes such as Anta Klay Thompson.

Klay Thompson Shoes
Klay Thompson Shoes

Why basketball shoes?

Using quality and branded basketball shoes like Anta KT helps the lower body to avoid unnecessary injuries that are otherwise common in this game. Wearing such shoes, the players are able to move around the field quickly as well as transfer their body weight. Those who are professionally into this game and play at competitive level are required to choose appropriate shoes that not only fit their feet perfectly, but also allow easy movement.

Types of shoes

There are fortunately available different types of Klay Thompson Shoes to fit the different sizes and requirements of the players. Few players, especially those who are power players do require shoes having high tops. Such shoes offer optimum comfort & ankle support. Mid-sole shoes are required by to be worn by all-round players. Speedsters require wearing low top, lightweight shoes that comes without any ankle restriction. Majority of the players to play basketball tend to use tennis shoes. However, wearing such shoes does come with innumerous risks such as increased sliding chances, getting injured and reduced weak grip.

Klay Thompson Shoes
Klay Thompson Shoes


Shoes designed to play basketball game are generally created from synthetic leather, canvas or leather. However, synthetic leather is considered to be the most used material for its construction, when compared to natural leather. Few are known to us natural leather only. But such shoes tend to stretch. Some basketball shoes come with combinations of natural leather or synthetic leather or textile.
Durable sock liner is designed in team shoes. Presently, the market boasts of having different styled shoes for basketball players. Durability, style, comfort and traction are few elements that should be taken into consideration when buying one. Women & men’s shoes are different.

When compared to running shoes, basketball shoes are considered to be more advanced. To play on hardwood floor, the shoes worn are to offer better traction, to the heel and feet. Size of the shoe also needs to suit the toes, heel and arch. Most shoes come with pillow type landing pads of elastic quality. To offer increased support, some have heel plates. There are shoes available in team colors or different colors, with prices ranging accordingly.

What to consider while investing in basketball shoes?

The correct pair of shoes is one that offers the desired traction, protection and helps the player to avoid injury, while moving around freely on court. However, it is essential to select the best shoe type to match the gameplay. Few things to consider:

Shoe size: It will be wise to first measure the feet whenever trying to buy a new basketball shoe. This is because, the shape and size of the feet changes with time. Hence, it is essential to know the exact length & width, so as to invest in well fitted shoes.

Basic styles: There are three specific styles of basketball shoes like high tops, mid tops and low tops. But the preferred style can be termed to be one depending upon the individual’s play style. Low tops are lightweight and offer great speed, thus appreciated by players. But when it comes to providing adequate ankle support, this type is not found effective. Mid tops are popular ones and provide support till ankle height. Thus, freedom of movement does not get compromised. For both skilled players & beginners, it is considered to be the perfect all round choice. High tops provide great amount of ankle support & stability. However, the additional material to support ankle will mean being quite heavy.

Playing style: This also determines the type of shoe to invest in. All round player indulges in various activities in the court and hence, will benefit from using mid-top shoes. It offers desired support, cushioning and flexibility and is not bulky or heavy. Players relying upon speed and quickness need to wear light shoes to move around freely and quickly. Low tops are preferred ones as it offers proper support and cushioning. Power players indulging in physical contact and jumping needs to wear shoes with better cushioning and high stability. High tops or mid tops are suitable for such players.

Therefore following the above tips and logging on to reputed sites like https://www.antaoutlet.com/basketball/klay-thompson.html can help buy the right pair of basketball shoes.